Project Protect Awareness Campaign

On the eve of the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit, NCS advisory board member Chief Oren Lyons, and board members Robby Romero and Dakota Romero attended the historic Kari-Oca conference where Indigenous Peoples issued The Kari-Oca Declaration and the Indigenous Peoples Earth Charter.  Today Indigenous Peoples will deliver the Kari-Oca II Declaration to the United Nations Rio+20 Leaders.

In honor of this occasion we invite you to the Rio+20 Global Screening of Robby Romero’s groundbreaking music picture, “Who’s Gonna Save You” on YouTube.

The “Who’s Gonna Save You” full DVD/CD ECO package is exclusively available now for purchase at our Village Market and on the Project Protect Awareness Campaign site.

To learn more about the Project Protect Awareness Campaign, “Who’s Gonna Save You” and how to get involved in the fight for the rights of Mother Earth and all of her children, please click on the Project Protect logo above.

We thank you graciously for your continued support.

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