Robby Romero made a live appearance on e.TV during his trip to South Africa for the United Nations Climate Change Conference Nov. 28 - Dec. 9. "I'm afraid COP, the Conference Of The Party's, has been highjacked by the 'Business As Usual' cartel and is shaping up to be a big COP OUT." He warned South African viewers, "Do not to be fooled with false solutions to climate change, like the carbon trade, offset markets, REDD or REDD type programs. These are not real solutions. They allow polluters to continue polluting, increase production, and release even more emissions into the atmosphere. Remember, emissions are one of the major causes of global warming." Who's Gonna Save You Solo

Robby encouraged world leaders to get serious with real solutions that safeguard the rights of Mother Earth and Indigenous Peoples on the front lines of climate change. "It's time to put an end to corporate greed and their green wash lobby. For them it's business as usual only now they've wrapped their old fossil foolish ideas in a new green leaf and are selling it as an eco friendly real solution to the climate crisis, it is not. I'm concerned that big business and bad decisions are robbing our children of a clean and safe future."

Following the interview Robby performed live with an African Indigenous youth choir and the segment ended with the broadcast of his latest music picture, "Who's Gonna Save You".

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