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EARTH REVOLUTION is an inspiring music picture from the front lines of the environmental movement. Written and performed by recording artist and Native Children’s Survival Youth Ambassador Ta’Kaiya Blaney, EARTH REVOLUTION is the essence of the youth movement to protect Mother Earth.

Experiencing the environmental crisis through the eyes and the voices of our children, EARTH REVOLUTION calls for real solutions while offering hope and understanding for a safe, healthy, renewable, and sustainable future.

EARTH REVOLUTION will have its global premiere during the United Nations Conference Of The Parties, (COP21) in Paris, France in December 2015. COP21 will bring together world leaders to negotiate an International Agreement to Reduce the Global Warming Pollution that causes Climate Change.

Indigenous Peoples, civil society, non-governmental organizations, scientist, business leaders, celebrities, and world press will be in attendance. On everyones mind… Is it too late?

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