The Magnificent Seven Ride Again


(January 10, 1937 – June 11, 2012)

Coming of age in Northern New Mexico, Rita Rogers explored her talent by acting and performing with her high school drama class, before attending professional acting classes in Hollywood. Winning beauty pageants, talent and dance contests, including being selected as part of the Honor Guard to represent the State of New Mexico in welcoming Senator John F. Kennedy during his 1960 Presidential campaign, which lit the fire for the political and cultural advocacy that would become a constant theme throughout her life, young Rita would soon graduate from high school and set out to follow her dreams.

It did not take long for her dreams to be realized. After appearing in over half dozen Elvis Presley films, Rita's acting roles include “A GuideTo A Married Man” with Walter Matthau, released in 1967 by 20th Century Fox, “The Devil’s Brigade” with William Holden, released in 1968 by MGM, Counterculture icon Peter Fonda's directorial debut and follow-up to “Easy Rider”, “The Hired Hand” with Warren Oats released in 1971 by Universal Pictures, “The Magnificent Seven Ride Again” with Lee Van Cleef, released in 1972 by MGM, and “Showdown” (Filmed in New Mexico) with Rock Hudson and Dean Martin, released in 1973 by Universal Pictures, to name a few.

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