Ta’Kaiya Blaney – Earth Revolution


Earth Revolution is an inspirational single and music picture from the front lines of the environmental movement. Written and performed by Ta’Kaiya Blaney, singer-songwriter, actress and Native Children’s Survival Youth Ambassador, Earth Revolution features children from around the world in a call to action to protect Mother Earth and all our relations for future generations.

As part of Native Children’s Survival Youth Campaign for Climate Justice Earth Revolution premiered at the Conference of Youth in Paris, France on the eve of the historic 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). The screening was prefaced by H.E. Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister and President of COP21.


Dakota Romero – La Llorona

Eagle Thunder is pleased to announce the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) music video premier of Dakota Romero’sLa Llorona.

La Llorona premiered on 1 November 2013, a day on which those who have passed are remembered and honored.  Dakota recorded her contemporary version of the classic ranchera song about a weeping woman, and dedicated her performance to her late Grandmother Ida Mae Aragon, aka Rita Rogers.

“La Llorona is a beautifully artistic tribute from one amazing woman to another. My mother’s passion and talent lives within my daughter and I could feel her presence as Dakota’s performance captivated me. I can’t stop watching this extraordinary presentation.”


Robby Romero – Who’s Gonna Save You

In these times of hope and change, Who’s Gonna Save You presents an Indigenous perspective to a global crisis. This ‘music picture’ is a combination of music video and motion picture woven into a poetic call to consciousness for the restoration of life in balance.

“The Alaska premier of ‘Who’s Gonna Save You,’ by Robby Romero, brought a new excitement to the Native community of Alaska. With the radiation of Fukushima arriving on Alaska’s coast, the music picture launched a sense of urgency along with the added excitement of having a world class musician/activist in our midst” 

   – Jeanie Greene (Creator/Producer of ABC’s Heartbeat Alaska)

”Who’s Gonna Save You”… a captivating plea to the human conscious for love and respect of our Mother Earth and the life She sustains now threatened by climate change. A beautifully composed and choreographed film that one does not forget nor dismiss… a call to action by the Indigenous Peoples of the world.”

– Colorado Environmental Film Festival

“This engaging hybrid music picture delivers an undeniable message…a powerful plea for Mother Earth, a compelling call to action and a heartfelt warning of impending doom if we fail to change our ways. The alter-native music and novel storyline with haunting imagery locks in your attention, empathy and interest.”

– Daniel Gibson (Editor, Native Peoples Magazine)



“Since VH1 began airing Inside Music segments featuring Robby Romero the Viewer Services Hotline has been bombarded by calls.”

– MTV Networks

“Red Thunder, formed by Romero in 1989, continues to be one of the most popular musical groups known in “Indian Country” and around the world.”

– News From Indian Country

“The guitar, vocals and songs of Robby Romero boasts a powerful vocal style that treat sensitive matters of spirituality with firm certainty.”  

– San Francisco Chronicle

“Robby Romero and Red Thunder have earned respect around the world on more than one level. Their dynamic music inspires their fans to dance, while their faithful efforts to improve the lives of individuals through- out Indian Country motivate their fans to volunteer, learn and serve others.”

– Cherokee One Feather Newspaper

“Robby Romero and his band Red Thunder are changing the world — and the world of music.”

– Los Angeles Times Magazine