Photograph by Odette Artime

Photograph by Odette Artime

“I was born on the reservation in 1862. Thirty-eight Dakota died that day – Orders of the red, white and blue. In the largest mass execution the US would ever do.” Lyrics from “Born On The Rez”

On December 26, 1862, United States President Abraham Lincoln ordered the hanging of thirty-eight Dakota men in Mankato, Minnesota after deceiving them into surrendering by offering safe refuge.

Those who surrendered were put on trial. The trials were unfairly conducted, biased, and lacking any proper representation for the Dakota who were unfamiliar with the language and the legal process by which they were being judged.

Accounts of what followed, describe the ethnocentric and inhumane practice of the United States of America; “After dangling from the scaffold for a half hour, the men’s bodies were cut down and hauled to a shallow mass grave on a sandbar between Mankato’s main street and the Minnesota River. Before morning, most of the bodies had been dug up and taken by physicians for use as medical cadavers.” – Minnesota History

A portion of the “Born on the Rez” music video shoot took place at the Dakota 38 Memorial site as part of the #Honor1851Treaty campaign

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