There’s a heartbeat louder than thunder; Revolution is in the air;
There’s a heartbeat deep inside our mother; Are you to cool to care.

“A rock star from Indian Country.”  


"Rights in Action. Standing Rock Stronghold 'Where Sitting Bull Lives On and the Struggle of Our People Unfolds' lyrics from the song BORN ON THE REZ writen by Robby Romero."

- Cultural Survival Magazine

“Clashes, arrests and fears — North Dakota pipeline protest at a boiling point. Robby Romero and his fellow Native American activists have drawn a clear line on the cold North Dakota ground.”

- LA Times 

"Red Thunder, formed by Romero in 1989, continues to be one of the most popular musical groups known in “Indian Country” and around the world."  

- News From Indian Country

“The guitar, vocals and songs of Robby Romero boasts a powerful vocal style that treat sensitive matters of spirituality with firm certainty."  

- San Francisco Chronicle

“Robby lays down penetrating songs, drawn from the imagery of his people, for celebrations and cautionary tomes.” 

- Navajo Times

"Robby Romero brings environmental lessons to Taos Pueblo Day School"

- Taos News

"Robby Romero and Red Thunder's song "Heartbeat," the theme song of Heartbeat Alaska, an award-winning television program, has been heard and sung by viewers from Alaska, across Canada, nationwide and in Taiwan. The stunning video and song has been the anthem of hope from village to village and today remains the most well-known television theme song in the history of Alaskan television."

- Jeanie Greene Creator and Producer of ABC's Heartbeat Alaska

“Red Thunder is solid Native Rock, right down to the core.”

 - Lakota Times

"Robby Romero's passion for the earth and humanity courses through his music and his activism. 'Who's Gonna Save You’ is an elegant reading of that passion."

- Paddy Mac, KTAOS Programming Director

“Red Thunder has commanded the largest audience of any contemporary Indian music group.”             

 - Encyclopedia of North American Indians

“Robby Romero and his band Red Thunder are changing the world — and the world of music.”             

 - Los Angeles Times Magazine

“Last year Indigenous Rock Star Robby Romero donated $241,000 from one of his hit records to help build a school on the Lakota Reservation…”             

 - Cultural Survival Magazine

“A prolific musician..." 

- Santa Fe Reporter

“Red Thunder conjures powerful mental images and awakens strong feelings using from-the-heart song-writing.”  

- Indian Country Today

“The phones light up every time stations play Red Thunder… It has got to help the Movement.”            

- Billboard Magazine

“Red Thunder has earned a loyal following and are ready to cross over into the mainstream. The question is, is the mainstream ready for Native Rock?”   

- VH1 Inside Music

"Climate change is possibly the biggest challenge the world now faces. Robby Romero (Apache/Tewa) of Taos, New Mexico, is a leader on the issue as a voice for Indigenous peoples."

- Indian Gaming Magazine

“In the spirit of Woody Guthrie’s Tom Joad, Robby Romero is there wherever Native Americans are fighting for the rights. He is an articulate artist and advocate for the causes and concerns behind a cultural resistance that is older than this country.”  

- Media Channel

"Robby Romero and Red Thunder have earned respect around the world on more than one level. Their dynamic music inspires their fans to dance, while their faithful efforts to improve the lives of individuals through- out Indian Country motivate their fans to volunteer, learn and serve others."  

- Cherokee One Feather Newspaper

“Cultivating Indigenous world awareness. Native rock artist Robby Romero of "Red Thunder" has long been outspoken and passionate about the environment.”  

- Awareness Magazine

“Red Thunder jams Native Rock that voices a positive message by incorporating culture traditions and spiritual beliefs in their music.”  

- Indian Country Today

“Robby’s message is that we all should become educated non-violent activists and have our voices heard. And Red Thunder is one Native Rock band that is making sure its’ voice is being heard."            

- Bio Diversity Magazine

“Red Thunder spreads a positive spiritual, environmental message around the globe.”  

- Lakota Times

“It’s been a long time since “alternative” rock was as fresh or unexplored among the mainstream as Native American rock is today, and Red Thunder is the perfect introduction.”  

- Entertainment Today

“Robby Romero lent his musical talent to the Rock The Rez Vote. He ended this rockin’ evening with the hit, Heartbeat, a strong ending to a powerful and motivating event!” 

- News from Indian Country

“Since VH1 began airing Inside Music segments featuring Robby Romero the Viewer Services Hotline has been bombarded by calls.”  

- MTV Networks

"‘False solutions’ on climate change bring indigenous delegation to Washington."                                  

- Indian Country Today

“If any Native American band has the potential to crossover to mainstream, this is the one.”                 

- Cash Box

“Red Thunder’s unique, powerful Native Rock came into the Lakota Sacred Circle like the Four Winds. It’s a great honor to have Red Thunder at the 8th Black Hills PowWow. So may the Great Spirit watch over them on their journey.”  


“Robby Romero and Red Thunder’s ancestors and musical roots were here long before Columbus arrived.”  

- VHI Inside Music

"I wouldn't compare Red Thunder to any others. I've heard Robby and his message, I know him as a person. He is a spiritual essence. He is the voice of young Native Americans. It makes me proud as an Elder. The movement for the young people is getting stronger and it will live forever.”

-  Dennis Banks, American Indian Movement

“Red Thunder blazes a trail into American Indian rock territory weaving Native American and modern sounds into a supremely colorful musical blanket.”  

- Chicago Tribune

“We’ve added Red Thunder into heavy rotation because of the overwhelming response… Everybody wants to know where they can get the release and where Red Thunder will play a live show.”                

- Coyote Radio

“Red Thunder… A band to look out for.”  

- Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Robby is inspirational for elders and youth. For me, his songs like “Medicine Woman” and “Heartbeat” are like my spiritual penicillin. His presence . . . his music . . . help me through hard times.”

- Janet McCloud, Founder of the Sapa Dawn Center; North American Indian Lodge; Indigenous Women’s Network

“The music industry told them that there was “no market” for their Native Rock… Red Thunder remains undaunted.”  

- New York New Noise

"A man with a tremendous ego for his Peoples! His humility and sense of self wroth is Awesome."

-  Russell Means, Oglala Sioux Activist; Actor; Artist

“The H.O.R.D.E. Festival features a more diverse lineup, including the Native American Band Red Thunder. Crowd members danced and twirled dead-head style, during the obligatory rock festival thunderstorm.”  

- Time Magazine

"On my journey with peace and dignity, Robby's music is a source of spiritual strength and inspiration for me to continue." 

- Sarah James, Gwich'in Elder; Spokesperson Gwich'in Steering Committee

“Folks filed out to see Native American rock band Red Thunder play through the rain at this year’s H.O.R.D.E Festival.”  

- Atlanta Journal

"Your musical talent and leadership in the Native American community will undoubtedly help commemorate the United Nations adoption of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for years to come." 

- Nancy Pelosi, United States Minority Leader; 60th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

“The scream of recognition came as Robby Romero began the chorus of “Heartbeat,” a song made famous by a television show called “Heartbeat Alaska.”  

- Fairbanks Daily News

"Musician, environmental ambassador Robby Romero honored"

- Native Times

“If life is a school, then musician, songwriter, entrepreneur, activist director Robby Romero went for his doctorate at an early age.”  

- City AZ Magazine

"Musician Robby Romero to be honored by immersion school"

- Indian Country News

"Combining contemporary music with traditional, Red Thunder makes some powerful magic. The mixture of modern and ancient instruments makes for a heart-stirring aural experience."                       

- Album Network

“We’re bringing a message to the world in celebration of the human rights instrument, the 'Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples,' because music does make a difference.”  

- Tonya Gonnella Frichner, American Indian Law Alliance; North American Representative to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

"The sky will thunder and lighten will flash when Robby Romero of Red Thunder hits the stage with an acoustic rock set."  

- Anchorage Daily News

Robby Romero leads a discussion about protecting Mother Earth at the Taos Pueblo Day School.

- Albuqerque Journal

“Robby Romero & Red Thunder is America’s best kept secret.”  

- Gallery for the Arts

"The Alaska premier of 'Who's Gonna Save You,' by Robby Romero, brought a new excitement to the Native community of Alaska. With the radiation of Fukushima arriving on Alaska's coast, the music picture launched a sense of urgency along with the added excitement of having a world class musician/activist in our midst."

- Jeanie Greene Creator and Producer of ABC's Heartbeat Alaska

"This engaging hybrid music picture delivers an undeniable message...a powerful plea for Mother Earth, a compelling call to action and a heartfelt warning of impending doom if we fail to change our ways. The alter-native music and novel storyline with haunting imagery locks in your attention, empathy and interest."

- Daniel Gibson - Native Peoples Magazine

"Who’s Gonna Save You”...a captivating plea to the human conscious for love and respect of our Mother Earth and the life She sustains now threatened by climate change. A beautifully composed and choreographed film that one does not forget no dismiss... a call to action by the Indigenous Peoples of the world." 

- Colorado Environmental Film Festival

"THUNDERSTORM AMERICA'S LAST FRONTIER" not only brings attention to the 13th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, but also focus's attention on the Senate's debate over drilling in ANWR."  

- Anchorage Press

Americans for Alaska urge the Senate to protect the Arctic Refuge. Attending were the Honorable Jimmy Carter, Robby Romero, Theodore Roosevelt IV, Dune Lankard, Robert Kennedy Jr., Sarah James, John Travolta, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Carole King, The Honorable Hubert H. Humphrey III, Michael Douglas, Kevin Spacey, Larry Rockefeller, Ann Bancroft, Rob Reiner, Edward Norton, Don Henley, Billy Crystal, Ted Turner, Mike Medavoy, Lyn & Norman Lear, Ed Bagley Jr., Ed Asner, Mary Tyler Moore.

– The Washington Times

“We had amazing feedback from our viewers and they enjoyed the educational ride, the critical message so eloquently brought across with the beauty of Alaska and music that could become a hit in South Africa.”


“It’s insightful for South Africans to hear the plight of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide, and the World Summit provided the perfect platform for this screening.”

- SABC 2 Africa

“This film could not be more topical. With the Bush administration trying to push through legislation that would extract oil from the pristine North Slope of Alaska, the Gwch’in, who have lived there for centuries, are fighting to protect their way of life. Interspersed with music and song, the plight of the Gwich’in is chronicled with interviews and stunning visuals.”

- Eastern Door

"We need to move into a time of healing”, says Romero. We have the technology and the wisdom."

- Shape Magazine

"We, the Indigenous Peoples, walk to the future in the footprints of our ancestors." - KARI-OCA Declaration, Brazil, 30 May 1992.  “Robby Romero is indeed a man who walks firmly and powerfully into the future.”

- Renaissance Magazine

“America’s Last Frontier brings the listener on an adventure, an audio adventure, that turns into much, much more…After listening, you want to be the one involved with this music inspired movement.”         

- Customer Review

“Fills my soul with passion…”

- Customer Review iTunes

"By the People, for the People Mother Earth not for sale."

- Viewer Comment You Tube

“Hidden Medicine is an experimental, mystical film that deals with the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and the environment. The film beautifully weaves story, poetry, music and politics, creating an impending sense of our planet’s struggle to survive.”  

- Sundance Film Channel

“ROBBY ROMERO reveals his Hidden Medicine.”  

- Venice Magazine

“Good Works – SAVING THE FORESTS Portions of the profits from the sale of an album soundtrack to the film "Hidden Medicine," scored by Robby Romero and performed by Red Thunder, will be donated to the Native Children's Survival Awareness Campaign for the protection of America's forests. "Hidden Medicine" premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is being aired on the Sundance Channel as part of the "Best of the Sundance Film Festival" series."  

- Billboard Magazine

“Romero’s singing is clear and strong… the use of Native American instruments adds just the right touches, especially in tracks like “Lakota Winyan” - a very very good song."

 - The Web Magazine

“Robby has a great passion about his performance, and the lyrics are all geared towards the subject matter of the film. “Sacred Circle” is about the cyclical relationship between nature and man. “Dream Catcher” is about hope for the future, and “Lonesome River is a great ballad...”  

- Soundtrack Net

“KEEPING WITH TRADITION in the WORLD TODAY Red Thunder’s excellent CD, Hidden Medicine which blends first nation tradition with contemporary style, provides insight into customs and traditions which have long been misunderstood and misrepresented.”  

- Customer Review

“Robby Romero and Red Thunder Rock!... So rare that a musician these days not only sounds unique, but has a meaningful message as well. This is Native Rock through and through.”

- Customer Review iTunes

“Feedback has been more than positive: Congratulations on a very successful show that has generated more viewer calls than any other show to date.”  

- MTV Networks

"Romero contends that the fundamental issue is about respect of earth, others, and life. From the gorgeous aerial of the precipitous Black Hills to the close-up views of wild flowers underscored by Red Thunder's earnest music this marvelous film is a must see the world views of American Native Peoples."  

- Native Peoples Magazine

“Makoce Wakan is unlike most commercially available releases today. This album consists of 11 delicately crafted mini operas, resulting in an intense spiritual collection. This disc screams out originality and inspiration with thought provoking songs such as “Medicine Woman,” “Heartbeat,” and “Prayer Song."

- CD Review / The Editor’s Choice

“Makoce Wakan reaches out to your soul. Anyone who cannot acknowledge this message has heart of stone-but the music can break through even that. The lyrics cannot be denied; they are well versed, powerful and appropriately set. So, begins the journey.”  

- Customer Review

“A Compelling contemporary pop group that refuses to betray its ethnic soul. Red Thunder’s new creation of expressive “Native Rock” symbolizes deep beliefs and passionate views.”

- CD Review / The Editor’s Choice

“Good songs for the mind, body and soul, Nahwee′ and Many Blessings, Turtle Clan Six Nations.”

- Customer Review iTunes

“Very powerful. Thank you for your work.”

 - Viewer Comment You Tube