Red Lake Singers


MEMBERS: The Red Lake Singers are Dan Bellanger, Joe “Tiny” Bellanger, Johnny Smith, James “Gus” Strong, Peter Strong, Sr., and Willy Strong

The Red Lake Singers are from the Red Lake Nation in northern Minnesota. The group’s style of singing belongs to the genre well known throughout Indian Country as “powwow music”. Their new raw recording “Old Times” was produced to capture and preserve old songs and an “old-style” of singing of the Ojibwe people at Red Lake, one of the most traditional Indian communities in the country. The Red Lake Singer’s fathers, grandfathers, and uncles taught the songs to them when they were young boys, as early as the 1920s.

Recently, the Red Lake Singers were featured on the National Native Radio program “Native America Calling”. Currently, they are traveling along the Pow Wow Trail – from Shakopee to Ho-chunk – winning drum contests, sharing the old songs, and carrying on the “old style” of Ojibwe singing.

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