America's Last Frontier

We had amazing feedback from our viewers and they enjoyed the educational ride, the critical message so eloquently brought across with the beauty of Alaska and music that could become a hit in South Africa.
— SABC Africa
It’s insightful for South Africans to hear the plight of Indigenous Peoples Worldwide, and the World Summit provided the perfect platform for this screening.
— SABC 2 Africa


AMERICA'S LAST FRONTIER was first seen on MTV News with a call to action to stop the mandate to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The film premiered at the United Nations World Summit in South Africa and went on to air four times across the African continent.

On bush planes, dogsleds and snow-go’s with Gwich’in spokeswoman, and recipient of the “Emerging Leaders In A Changing World” award, Sarah James, Eyak spokesman and TIME Magazines “Hero for the Planet,” Dune Lankard, and Chief Evon Peter, Alaska’s youngest Athabaskan Chief, AMERICA'S LAST FRONTIER touches down in remote villages nestled in this icy tundra. The spoken word of these courageous Native leaders with the united voice of the Gwich’in and the songs of the worlds foremost socially aware Native Rock band, echoes from community and concert halls in Alaska to Washington DC for a political charged rally with appearances by Faith Gammill, Senator Joe Lieberman, William H. Meadows, Senator Ted Stevens and Senator Paul David Wellstone, expressing visions, warnings and solutions to America’s young and soon to be in charge.

AMERICA'S LAST FRONTIER screened at the National Congress of American Indians conference, San Diego, CA on 13 November 2002, and during the United Nations draft declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Geneva on 4 December 2002.