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DENNIS BANKS (1937 - 2017)

“It’s meritorious that a 5 year old Ojibwa boy, born on Leech Lake Indian Reservation, torn from the arms of his mother by United States federal forces, brutalized in BIA Boarding Schools, and imprisoned in a broken justice system, would transform persecution into a movement that continues to birth new generations of resistance for the rights of Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth.” — Robby Romero

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Youth hold the power to shift the dynamics of the world. If we want change, we must provide leadership support for youth in making change possible. Indigenous youth in particular continue to face racism and discrimination and are marginalized in society, but when they have a sense of belonging and a strong cultural identity they become resilient, powerful individuals. They have immersed roots through their ancestral lineage, wisdom, and intelligence. They are the future leaders for their communities. It is critical to restore leadership from the erosion of their traditional knowledge practices and habitat so that they can begin to create a more sustainable interdependent system for the coming generations.

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