PRAYER SONG is a single and music picture from the Rockumentary film and VH1 World Alert special, "Makoce Wakan: Sacred Earth". Written by Robby Romero and Bob Neuwirth, PRAYER SONG is a poem of peace for the freedom of Leonard Peltier, oppressed peoples and political prisoners everywhere. PRAYER SONG was released on the ground-breaking alter-native self titled debut EP RED THUNDER and on the LP MAKOCE WAKAN, available at our Village Market.

Makoce Wakan is unlike most commercially available releases today. This album consists of 11 delicately crafted mini operas, resulting in an intense spiritual collection. This disc screams out originality and inspiration with thought provoking songs such as ‘Medicine Woman,’ ’Heartbeat,’ and ‘Prayer Song.’
— CD Review / The Editor’s Choice