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Eagle Thunder Records presents the 25th ANNIVERSARY of Robby Romero’s groundbreaking and critically acclaimed EP RED THUNDER — spotlighting the new track, BORN ON THE REZ…

Produced by Don Was and including Jim Keltner and Kris Kristofferson, among others, the song features a swelling gospel chorus, some blues harmonica, and drums that sounded from the center of the Earth.
— KDNK Community Radio
Red Thunder jams Native Rock that voices a positive message by incorporating culture traditions and spiritual beliefs in their music.
— Indian Country Today
Since VH1 began airing Inside Music segments featuring Robby Romero the Viewer Services Hotline has been bombarded by calls.
— MTV Networks

Produced by four time Grammy Award winning musician, record producer, and record executive, Don Was, the new track, BORN ON THE REZ commemorates the RED THUNDER 25th ANNIVERSARY release, featuring American Indian Movement leader, Dennis Banks and three time Grammy Award winner, Golden Globe winner and Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Kris Kristofferson.

BORN ON THE REZ was recorded at Capitol Records Studios, Hollywood, CA, with three time Grammy Award winning music engineer, Ed Cherney. The track was mixed by Grammy Award winning musician, producer, engineer, Steve Addabbo at Shelter Island Sound, New York City, mastered at by two time Grammy winner Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, New York City, and executive produced by Laila Nabulsi and Dennis Banks.

BORN ON THE REZ features a host of famed upcoming and legendary award winning musicians and Water Protectors including Jim Cox on piano/vocals, Gary Farmer on blues harp/vocals, Jim Keltner on drums/rattles/vocals, Danny “Kooch” Kortchmar on guitar/vocals, Robert Mirabal on pueblo flutes/vocals, Robby Romero on acoustic guitar/pueblo rattles/vocals, and Don Was on upright bass/vocals. The Water Protector Choir includes Victoria Asher, Dennis Banks, Ta’Kaiya Blaney, Frances Fisher, Kris Kristofferson, Tina Malia, Bob Neuwirth, Dakota Romero, Chris Stills, Kholan Studi, Jimmy Lee Young, and Raye Zaragoza.

The RED THUNDER 25th ANNIVERSARY also includes remastered original recordings, HEARTBEAT NAAKI (a second version of Robby’s Indian Country hit single, HEARTBEAT remixed by Steve Addabbo (with Al Kooper on piano, and Dakota Romero and Ataahua PaPa on backing vocals), and Robby’s American Indian stereotype-breaking PSA that won the CableAce Award as part of MTV’s ‘Free Your Mind’ campaign.

BORN ON THE REZ new single available NOW


Born On The Rez Robby Romero


BORN ON THE REZ is the first in a series of singles to be released in support of the Native Children's Survival #Honor1851Treaty campaign. A sneak peek was first heard on Moccasin Wire, hosted by Pat Romero of Taos Pueblo on KTAO 101.9FM, World Famous Solar Radio. The single took off impacting Native Radio from the heart of the Lakota Nation on KILI 90.1FM and KLND 89.5FM across Indian Country. BORN ON THE REZ is the first in a series of singles and music pictures in support of the #Honor1851Treaty campaign.

Iron Horse


Award winning Native Rock recording artists Robby Romero and Robert Mirabal have come together with a new Alter-Native single IRON HORSE released 12 August 2014, during the Summer Of The Red Willow: Change The Name Campaign. IRON HORSE written by Romero and Mirabal, commemorates the 10 June 2014, culturally historic name-change of Kit Carson Park to Red Willow Park by the Town Of Taos.

Dakota Album Cover.jpg


Dakota Romero’s beautifully haunting debut recording of the culturally iconic song LA LLORONA (English: Weeping Woman) commemorates the Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de Muertos). Her performance is dedicated to the memory of her Grandmother, Ida Mae Aragon aka Rita Rogers.

LA LLORONA premiered 11 June 2012 on KXMT 99.1 FM Northern New Mexico and the music picture has received more than 275,000 views on our youtube channel.

Who's Gonna Save You Robby Romero


A Deluxe Edition of Robby Romero’s music single and music picture WHO'S GONNA SAVE YOU was released on 21 December 2012.

“21 December 2012 marked a celebration of the end of an ancient mystic cycle and the recommencement of an Indigenous call to consciousness for the restoration of life in balance. Now through the power of music and film we set on a journey to motivate, inspire and engage the world’s communities into positive action.” - Robby Romero


Who's Gonna Save You - Robby Romero.jpg


In these times of hope and change, WHO'S GONNA SAVE YOU presents an Indigenous perspective to a global crisis, climate change. WHO'S GONNA SAVE YOU is a poetic call to consciousness for the restoration of life in balance.

"A powerful plea for Mother Earth." - Native Peoples Magazine


Painting-The-World-Robby Romero


PAINTING THE WORLD celebrates the historical adoption of the United Nations’ “Declaration on The Rights of Indigenous Peoples" with Indigenous artists from seven regions of the world.

“We’re bringing a message to the world in celebration of the human rights instrument, the 'Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples,' because music does make a difference.”

- Tonya Gonnella Frichner, American Indian Law Alliance; North American Representative to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

Old Times by The Red Lake Singers


Old Times is a compilation of old Ojibwe pow wow songs that are also known as intertribal songs. The recording was produced by Robby Romero in association with Red Lake Nation to help preserve the old Ojibwe style of singing.  Some of the songs on the recording were taught to the elder Red Lake Singers when they were children, as early as the 1920s. The other songs were created by the singers during their younger years.

PTown Boyz.jpg


This self titled recording produced by Robby Romero marks the debut of this young and talented Ojibwe drum group from the traditional village of Ponemah on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

"There are many reasons to fall in love with the Ojibwe Drum group P. Town Boyz from the Red Lake Indian Reservation in Minnesota… their young, powerful vocals offer a new and refreshing addition to the Native Drum genre.” – Indian Country Pow Wow Today Magazine



This CD/DVD eco-pac features the music, music pictures, and PSA's of Robby Romero (1990-2004), plus three critically acclaimed rockumentary films: VH-1 World Alert Special, Makoce Wakan: Sacred Earth; Sundance Channel, Hidden Medicine; and SABC Africa 50/50 Special, America’s Last Frontier. With rare interviews from MTV, Sundance TV, and VH1, 100% of profits from the sale of this CD/DVD eco-pac support the work of Native Children’s Survival.

“Fills my soul with passion…” - Customer Review iTunes



The soundtrack to the rockumentary film AMERICA'S LAST FRONTIER—a film in support of legislation then pending in Congress to permanently protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) from oil and gas drilling.

"We had amazing feedback from our viewers and they enjoyed the educational ride, the critical message so eloquently brought across with the beauty of Alaska and music that could become a hit in South Africa.” - SABC Africa

Hidden Medicine by Robby Romero


The soundtrack to the rockumentary film HIDDEN MEDICINE, a film in support of the legislation then pending in Congress to protect America’s remaining forests. Featuring grammy winners: Lisa Fischer, Paul Winter, and Steve Addabbo; and the spoken word of Chief Oren Lyons.

"Red Thunder blazes a trail into American Indian rock territory weaving Native American and modern sounds into a supremely colorful musical blanket.” - Chicago Tribune



"Makoce Wakan is unlike most commercially available releases today. This album consists of 11 delicately crafted mini operas resulting in an intense spiritual collection. Robby and Red Thunder’s creation of expressive “Native Rock” symbolizes deep beliefs and passionate views. This disc screams out originality and inspiration with thought provoking songs…”

– CD Review / The Editors Choice