In these times of hope and change, WHO'S GONNA SAVE YOU presents an Indigenous perspective to a global crisis. This ‘music picture’ is a combination of music video and motion picture woven into a poetic call to consciousness for the restoration of life in balance. WHO'S GONNA SAVE YOU is available on the eco-pac CD/DVD of the same title at our Village Market.

The Alaska premier of ‘Who’s Gonna Save You,’ by Robby Romero, brought a new excitement to the Native community of Alaska. With the radiation of Fukushima arriving on Alaska’s coast, the music picture launched a sense of urgency along with the added excitement of having a world class musician/activist in our midst.
— Jeanie Greene, Creator/Producer of ABC’s Heartbeat Alaska

This engaging hybrid music picture delivers an undeniable message…a powerful plea for Mother Earth, a compelling call to action and a heartfelt warning of impending doom if we fail to change our ways. The alter-native music and novel storyline with haunting imagery locks in your attention, empathy and interest.
— Daniel Gibson, Editor, Native Peoples Magazine

Who’s Gonna Save You”… a captivating plea to the human conscious for love and respect of our Mother Earth and the life She sustains now threatened by climate change. A beautifully composed and choreographed film that one does not forget nor dismiss… a call to action by the Indigenous Peoples of the world.
— Colorado Environmental Film Festival